posite he saw the cloud of mist rising from the falls, which the Indians called the 'Asticou,' which means 'Chaudiere' in French, or 'kettle' in English, for the water has worn out a deep basin into which it rushes with a whirling motion which boils up in the midst like a kettle. "You have probably b


een close enough to have seen it,


Madame?" he said, addressing Mrs.


Wright. "No," she replied, "I hav


e always been too timid to venture

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so near to it in a canoe." "Champlain said," continued Mr. Papineau,

"that he paddled as near as possible to the falls, when the Indians took the canoes and the Frenchmen and himself carried their arms and provisions. He described with great feeling the sharp and rugged rocks of the portages to pass the falls and rapids until at last, in the afternoon, they embarked upon the peaceful waters of a lake where, he said, there were very beautiful islands filled with vines and with walnut and other agreeable trees." "There are no walnuts on the islands of Lake Chaudiere," interrupted Bearie


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Community Level

m their dreade

Our Mission:

, "I am quite sure." "He probably saw a butternut tree," said young Louis Joseph, "and thought it produced waln

Our Vission:

uts." "Champlain's journey came to an abrupt close a few days afterwards," said Mr. Papineau, "when he reached


Allumette Island, about seventy miles farther up the river. There was a large settlement of friendly Algonquins, called 'Les Sauvages de l'Isle,' and Champlain tried to obtain several canoes and guides to proceed farther. They, however, had their own commercial reasons for keeping the French from the

Street Level

At street level we strive to meet the immediate needs of children at risk on the streets and platforms of India today. We have created a number of 鈥榗hild friendly stations鈥?with the help and engagement of the people who work at them, who now look out for and help children alone and at risk.

Community Level

At community level we work to make children on the streets visible to society and to help people understand the issues that cause children to run away and that face them on the streets and on the platforms. We invest time and skills in preventative intervention, with the aim of creating 鈥榮afety nets鈥?within communities to catch children who are at risk of running away before they do so.

Government Level

he said, performed their mystic rites. After having carried their canoes to the foot of the Falls, they gathered in a certain spot where one of them, provided with a wooden dish, passed it round, and each one placed in the dish a piece of tobacco.



First step

Indian braves and cheery voyageurs have paddled these waters and torn their f

Second step

eet on the rocky shores, going, some of them to death and some to tortures wor

Third step

se than death. As we drifted down with the current in the moonlight the gentle

Fourth step

breeze in the pines along the shore seemed to be whispering sad tales of othe

Fifth step

r days." Mr. Papineau, who had spoken with such animation and fluency, relaps

Last step

ed into silence for several minutes, then, rousing himself, said, with even gr


Munzurul hem

eater enthusiasm a

nd vigor: "Providence has crowned our lives with great blessing since the heroic Daulac struck the death-blow to the power of the Iroquois in this country, and since the English undertook the responsibility of its government. Though I am proud of the fact that every bone and muscl

Munzurul Hasan

e, nerve and sinew

within me is French, though I dearly love my Mother Country and my fellow countrymen, I have no hesitation in making the solemn assertion that our country has enjoyed a greater degree of prosperity under the new regime than it ever did under the old. But it must ever be remembered

Munzurul Hasan

that much of the

foundation of that prosperity was laid in the blood of the early French martyrs and in the heroic achievements of the early French settlers." It seemed incredible to the visitors that in a settlement of so recent date their host should have been able to show them a grist-mill, a s

Munzurul Hasan

aw-mill, a vegetab

le alkali factory, a tannery, a small foundry, a tailor shop, a bakery, a general store, and a hemp-mill, giving employment to over one hundred men. Fortunately for the pioneers of the Ottawa, they were not dependent upon the small revenue derived from the cultivation of the land,


of wood a

Why do children end up on the streets?

shes from which the lye was extracted and boiled till it looked like molten iron, a barrel of which sold at that time for thirty dollars. Prosperity and success crowned every commercial enterprise upon which they ventured until fire swept every mill, factory and dwelling in the thriving little village out of existence, including thousands of dollars in cash in a small safe in the office, quantities of wheat,


p, sawn lumber,

BeReviews was a awesome envent in dhaka

laths and general merchandise. As there was no compensation in the way of insurance, the loss was much felt. Phi

lemon Wrig

ht was not the m

Play list of old bangle music and gajal countries

an to be deterred from climbing the ladder of success, even though he had to mount it by the rungs of adverse circ



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ces. Though the loss sustained was great, almost overwhelming, he rose above it with a courage which yielded not to disappoint

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